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It didn't take me long after I started fishing the surf to realize that most of the rigs and lures available in the local tackle shops were, well, not of the best quality to put it kindly. Low grade hooks, old weak line and inferior terminal tackle led to snapped rigs, broken hooks and lost fish! And some of the metal lures were just plain cheap! Once the plating started chipping off after a season of fishing, the lure would just corrode and fall apart quickly. Not much use for a $6 lure after that happens! 

I started tying my own rigs a few years back and  manufacturing my own line of metals this past fall. The demand from friends and other fishing club members prompted me to start this business and offer these products, and others, to the fishing public.

A.O.K. Tackle Co. Tournament Bait Rigs for Striped Bass and Red Drum. With the finest components available, we designed and manufactured a rig that has the proper hook size, terminal tackle and line test for certain fishing applications. If it's monster Striper or Red Drum you're seeking, our HI-LO, FishFinder or 3-WAY rig, in the large hook sizes, will get the job done. For schoolie bass and puppy drum, down size the hook a size or two. We think you'll agree, they're the toughest rigs out there!

The T-HEX metal series. Superior components and fish catching design, plain and simple. You won't be disappointed! For Stripers, Blues, Weakies, Fluke, Spanish Mac's, Bonito, False Albies and more! Tested tough along the Striper Coast! Also for the sweetwater, where the big Pike, Muskies, Trout and Salmon roam!

All of the products manufactured by A.O.K. Tackle Co. are proudly made, right here in the U.S.A.!


Life's Short,

Fish Hard!


Tight Lines,

Steve Adams


A.O.K. Tackle Co.