Latest catch on the T-HEX.
From a friend who surf fishes Mexico.
40lb Cubera Snapper in Mexico.

Steve - Here ya go!! We arrived in a full fledged hurricane. Huge amounts of thick muddy water were pumping into the ocean and colliding with big storm driven waves. The key was fishing just outside and under the dirty discharge water. I needed a swimming lure that would cast far and stay deep. The 3 ounce T-Hex did the job on this huge 40 pound cubera snapper. It's a real trophy! The T-Hex is my lure of choice when I have to cast far, work deep, and efficiently cover a lot of water.

Here is video of the fight and a close up of the T-Hex in the fishes mouth. I think the other guys might have some more still photos of the fish on their cameras. I'll send them when I find out. -